Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Free Web Hosting, Is it really Free?

Free web hosting providers have sprung up all over the internet. Claim to offer free hosting site, but do you really stand by their words?

Let's think through a logical reasoning behind this and how can web hosting service is offered free of charge at the data centers are so expensive to maintain and run.

Business reasons

Any business started, whether your hosting or not, wants to make profits. If the company has begun to make a profit, your business, not even calling, called "charity." You should know that starting a business to make the loss is illegal and punishable by law. So if the reason for companies is profit, how can a free web hosting to help them make a profit. Only these two simple questions:

Do you think the web host literally spends millions of dollars in their data centers and servers to provide hosting for free?

Do you know of any web hosting provider that offer or intend to provide free web hosting companies that is making the loss?

They are probably confused. But how? Read on.

Tricks of the trade

So you can not find a web hosting business offering free accommodation that makes a loss. That's because they are recovering from the loss made by the hosting service through the sale of related products. Free hosting providers recover their costs through various means some of them are:

Tying arrangements: which means that it will offer free hosting if you pay for a product or service related. Free web hosting for example, if you pay for non-transferable registration of domain names that you may have to renew with them over the coming years.

Initial incentive: all the publicity about the free accommodation is short-lived. Free accommodation is offered only for a few days or for a trial period at the end of that period the charges roll in.

Practically unusable: the characteristics of free web hosting is so humiliating that you can not even use. For example, free web hosting only a page without the support or value.

Announcement announcement: another way to recover the cost of free hosting is to bombard your website or control panel with the ads.

Here are some of the tricks that the free play of the hosting companies that you. Does it make sense why you should not choose free web hosting. Still want free hosting, at least not fall for those described below.

Back door operators

There are some (not all) of hosting providers that provide free hosting, but the offer to collect your personal information. This data is used to send spam or sold to marketing agents who can fill your mailbox or mailboxes with a lot of product offerings. All I want from you is your personal data and if possible your financial information. To ensure that you can provide free website, but you should know that its effect on that fool misery.

If common sense prevails and you really want to venture into the online world, then the regular web hosting plan is the best option. Stay away from the pitfalls of free web hosting. If something is too good to be true, it probably is.


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